During the last two years SUNSON Tech has succeed in invading the overseas market by having a well-defined collection of different products that can be used in different business models Such as Payment Solutions, Entertainment solutions and Self Service Solutions.

Digital Signage & Way Finding Solutions

A new way to promote and advertise your products in an interactive and eye catching design.

By using this kiosk Customers can promote and advertise for different kind of products, thanks for it’s software, this kiosk comes with a full CMS solution to allow the customer from update and changing the promotion material remotely and control the whole kiosk.

This Kiosk Can be deployed in bank branches, Shopping malls, supermarkets, Telecom Shops, Hospitals, Government offices, Restaurants, amusement parks, Airports To allow customer / victors to get more information about certain products / promotions happening at the current time.

Reduce the investment cost over long term, by investing once on acquiring the kiosk instead of relying on the normal paper promotion way.

Enhance the marketing experience by providing interactive way of promotions where customer can get more information than normal advertising way.

Reduce the operation cost, by being able to update all the promotion from one software and remotely, you don’t need to waste money on transport the promotion materials from a place to another.

Increase the brand awareness by playing the promotions on multiple devices across different places and regions.

Help to save the environment and Go Green. “environment friendly product”.



Elegant Queuing and Information kiosk which can fit perfectly for today’s market requirements. Aside from attracting attention and increasing engagement levels, digital signage can give organisations the flexibility of deploying important communications within seconds. It can also influence purchase decisions, increase brand awareness and reduce print costs.

Digital signage is often used as a tool for displaying important brand messages or raising brand awareness. High definition graphics and quality imagery can be used to attract the eyes of in-store customers. Fashion retailers often use digital signage to display a catalogue of images for in-store inspiration and to aid the decision-making process.

Digital signage is often used as a method of in-store entertainment, using high definition animation and video to attract customers’ attention. Native video wall is ideal for displaying promotional videos and can be used as a method of entertaining the companions of in-store shoppers.