Euroshop---the industry’s top international event---is a key powerhouse driving the future of retail. That’s also the certain reason why our Shenzhen Sunson Tech will attend this magnificent party. It’s a medium for communication among and between all retail industry players and their partners.

Welcome to Euroshop 2020---the International hotspot for the retail industry, Sunson Tech’s booth number is 3D/02-2, it will locate in Hall No.3, Messe Dusseldolf, Germany.

As Sunson, a CIT (Cash-in-Transit) operations, there are 3 key factors to enhance the business results.

  1. Reduce total operations cost
  2. Enrich customer services with safety & efficiency
  3. Increase business performance

Sunson is a 17-year technology research company, especially in offering innovative kiosk for new business model. Herewith, it is the smart CDM. Sunson targets the product in the markets as retailer, supermarket, shopping mall, department store, gas station, ferry terminal, transportation, drugstore, university as well as government agency.

Sunson smart CDM, being well deployed in gas stations and Walmart, is an innovative cash deposit machine to support safety and efficiency to your customers whose locations collect a bunch of cash notes during business hours.

The Smart CDM- Smart Cash Deposit Machine

The Smart CDM would meet all your business requirements in CIT services. Using this Smart CDM, it will save as fortune by promptly knowing the cash level in each deployment. It is simply completed with Sunson backend management software through logging in a browser or connecting to your system via HTTP API. In addition, the local SMS gateway service which connecting to Smart CDM system would send you SMS message of cash CDM depositing status information.

Most importantly, the deployment of smart CDM at each spot could increase the efficiency of armed banknote vehicle in dispatching plan and just-in-time services a lot, because CIT would be aware of cash level in each spot real time remotely. The result is that one vehicle would have more capacity to maintain more spots.

In the near future, Sunson Tech would like to visit your company to present how our smart CDM benefits to your CIT business.